The owner of Shining Kingdom already had a logo for her company. However, it was quite complicated and she didn't have it in the vector format. We have created a new, simple and legible logo referring to the name.

The website has information about the company and services, a gallery, an extensive form that will help the owner receive relevant information from customers and a section where you can buy vouchers - it is useful when someone is looking for an original gift or wants to pay for services using PayPal.

We also created several posts on social media - descriptions of services, tips, opinions and much more.


For Shining Kingdom, our view was to create a completely new look for the company. The client already had a logo, but it was quite old-fashioned and needed a modern twist. In addition, we took the opportunity and added a crown to the logo illustrating the word Kingdom in the name.


Why Responsiveness
is important

The website should look good on computers as well as on smartphones and tablets. Great look on phones is a must! Google can also penalize a badly coded page with a lower position.



Social Media

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